Safety every night.

SafeGlow is the ideal lighting for your baby's restful sleep. This silicone lamp provides a soft, cozy light that creates a comfortable atmosphere in a child's room. Its low power consumption makes it ideal for all-night use. SafeGlow is not just a lamp, it is a reliable companion for healthy and comfortable sleep for your baby.

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SafeGlow silicone lamp: 100% safe

SafeGlow silicone lamp is an innovative lighting solution that is 100% safe. Made from high quality silicone, this lamp contains no toxic materials and is ideal for use in the home, office or even a child's room. Thanks to its protected electronic components and low supply voltage, SafeGlow prevents the risk of short circuits and ensures safety from electric shock.

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Buyer Questions & Answers 

It shuts down itself?

  • Can it as that is customizable
  • I have too shuts off, after an hour somewhere
  • It is not off in me
  • Yes, disables itself
  • Yes, it off itself after a while
  • Yes, after 40 minutes turns off

Hello, question to those who have poyuzal this lamp. I doubt what to take, with or without remote control. Tell me, is the remote so useful for him, is there any such thing to buy with the remote, but it is not particularly used and lies idle? In general, the remote is there still for convenience or is it not necessary?

  • With more functions, brighter, dimmer, color change on which one you want, not regret droplets that took with remote control
  • Ordered brother (7 years) definitely with the remote control, he is more interesting when the light can be changed yourself!
  • With the remote is definitely more convenient, you can switch the flashing modes and color from the remote control, you can not do it without the remote
  • Bought without a remote, regret it. Knocked on him once, switched from white to colorful, once more he knocked off.
  • With remote control more convenient
  • Me and friends also use it conveniently

You Can leave one color models without control? Such as red

  • I have this can not be done without control. Probably because model early, about a year.

The model Without remote, there is only one colour light?

  • Mode 3. The first mode-white color (standard), the second mode-colors smoothly switch, the third mode-permanently you need color lit. Switch to hit the lamp.

People, who took, tell me whether the sensor lamp? Or how it is incorporated. Thank you

  • My curious child, brought up by an engineer, was able to stop the color. You need to hit it very lightly when the colors shimmer and the color stops. I did not immediately succeed, I need to train. One color lit which stopped on until turn off.

can I switch it on and off by touching it ?or do I need to press the on/off button on the bottom?

  • 2 modes: 1) turned on and shut down, 2) including косанием switched between light white and mode changing color.

It turns off after a while?

  • No not off, shut down in the case of over charge, and lamp cool kids drag it, and him walk that.

SafeGlow: Lighting for your baby's restful sleep